What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website which allows users to easily add, remove, or edit content. The best-known example is the collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Watch Wikis in Plain English by CommonCrafts, a simple and entertaining video about wikis.

Blogs vs. wikis


§ Created by a single author.
§ Blogs are updated daily or weekly and are published in chronological order.
§ Blog posts are usually followed by users’ comments.
§ One-to-many content.
§ Blogs may combine text, images, and links to other
blogs, Web pages, etc.
§ Good for generating discussion and debate

§ Created and edited by multiple authors collaboratively.
§ Articles are updated as new information becomes available.
A wiki can host a blog, but not viceversa
Many-to-many communication
§ Images, audio, video, other wiki pages and Web pages can be included

§ Good for generating discussion, collaborative writing, etc

Adapted from Wikipedia and WikiAnswers

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