new10_e0.gifWriting task N° 2: Bicentennial Year
Imagine you live in the 1800s. Something is going on in society; big changes are coming. You've got a friend/relative in (Europe) and you decide to write to him/her about this revolution that is taking place in your region.

Before you start writing your letter, you should know about the historical context before, during and, possibly, after the May Revolution. Copy the information you find on the internet in the link below:

external image argentina-med.gifBicentennial Year information

Writing task N° 1: Our biographies

It's always nice to remember our past and enjoy our present. But can we see ahead and imagine our future? What will be happening to us in ten years' time?

Read these creative biographies written by 5th B and learn more about these future big names!

Milagros Andérica - Jorge Dubos - Chloe Escobar - María González Davis - Michelle Posse - José Romero Feris

Check out this movie (Not a Hollywood production, by the way!)

Here's a cartoon story I made for another wiki: