My Biography

Chloe was born in Corrientes, Argentina on 1993. She was the first kid of her parents and 2 years later a sister came for making her company. Chloe was always a very outgoing girl. She had got a lot of friends and she always wanted to be the centre of attention. She also enjoyed being in plays at the church and school and she loved acting and dancing with her friends and cousins. At the age of 9 she made a belly dance’s choreography with 3 of her friends for the school’s show at the final of the year. In primary school she was the smartest in her class but everything changed when her parents sent her to another school. At the beginning, it was really hard for her, but after all she could make new friends and enjoy the new school.
Chloe always has been interested in arts. So, on 2004 she retook theatre’s classes and she made it very well...or at least that was what her teacher said
On 2005 she had a new brother who made her really happy. And the next year was really important for her. On 2006 she left all her extracurricular activities and started to study music in two places: Music’s Institute Biasi in Corrientes and CanZion in Chaco. In the Music’s Institute she knew a lot of instruments and she realised that music was her passion. There, she studied classical piano and violoncello, but in CanZion she learned to play the keyboards and how to make modern music. In her 2nd year in CanZion she also learned the basic to play the bass because she used to love rock music, and in the 3rd year she began to sing. That year she also took classes of arts and hip hop, but on 2009 she moved to another house and she had to let all her extracurricular activities again. Except CanZion because she loved that place, she had learnt a lot there and it didn’t take a lot of time, just once a week.
2009 was a really special year for her because she turned a better person on many sides. She became more sociable and kind. That year was very peaceful because she had a lot of free time, so she could spent more time with her friends and family. But in 2010 she had another big change for her life. She moved to Saint Patrick College and again the beginning was really hard because of the exams and being in the school at morning and evening. But after all she was glad to be there.
On 2011 she ended the secondary school and the next year she started to study graphic design and work in her father’s business at the same time.
Now she is a very talented fashion designer. She got married but she has not kids yet.

(Miss, I know that the end is not very original, but that's because I can't talk a lot of something that didn't happen yet!)

Don't worry...nobody knows what the future holds for us, and I think it'd be very boring if we did!