My biography
He was born on December 21st, 1993 in formosa, a small town in the northern Argentina.
His first steps were in a small house, near the centre of town.Where nowadays is the DJS' Fanclub.
His chilhood was really short, when Argentina was passing through a difficult economic situationhe had to move to Corrientes, where his family could be free to start a new life...
He went to many schools, Misericordia, Magic, Don Bosco... To finally graduate from Saint Patrick College.
His first steps at music were at Yamaha's Academy. there he would create a band with Bob Dylan and Serena Esperanza, called White Tears.
Their debut was at Saint Patrick's graduation but it would take more time to make their first album. Finally on November 2012, it was released, and they sold over 2.1 million copies.
By 2017 he started to record his first CD as a singer and that same year ' Nothing to Remember about you' became No1 on the UK
Thanks to this first success his second album 'Become' and the song ' love, is not a matter of science' did not take that long to become nominated to many awards.
Nowadays he travels around the world in search for his ' true nature', while his fundation 'Everyone is Human' becomes the number one centre of investigation agains cancer and HIV.